UPS Systems

Let’s face it, there are literally thousands of UPS sizes, flavors and configurations on the market. CSI Technology Integrator’s team of designers can specify UPS systems that align with the specific performance requirements of your critical path equipment. There are a number of questions to answer when selecting the appropriate UPS for your needs:

  1. Do you need a network/server UPS?
  2. Will the UPS support mission-critical equipment?
  3. Will the UPS support a load higher than 750 watts?
  4. Will your equipment be installed in a rack or rack enclosure?
  5. Does your equipment need pure sine wave power?
  6. Do you need to manage the UPS remotely?
  7. Do you want to extend the UPS system’s runtime on battery?
  8. Does your equipment require high-voltage (200-250 VAC) power in North America?
  9. How much UPS capacity (wattage) do you need?
  10. Which input and output power connections do you need?
  11. How can you make sure you have enough backup runtime?
  12. Where can you find more advice if you need it?


Well, the answer to question 12 is to call the experts at CSI Technology Intergrators. Knowing the correct questions to ask is half the battle. Having a professional resource at your fingertips will help you finish the job right the first time.


CSI would love to hear about your project goals. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote and site survey.

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