The Data Center Design Process

We identify the type of Data Center. (Enterprise, Internet or Collocation) We then design the required electrical systems, cooling systems, telecommunications systems and automation control systems.  The four essential steps of Data Center Design include Risk Analysis, Problem Definition, Solution Development and Implementation


Here are the steps we take to ensure your project fits your needs perfectly.

 Risk, Reliability and Class Ranking

We identify the components of a reliability class ranking determination.  We will determine a target reliability class given customer requirements.  We use CSI Technology Integrator’s cost benefit analysis to communicate the pluses and minuses of higher vs. lower initial investment to the client

Site Location

We advise clients regarding data center site suitability

Then identify best practices regarding power and telecom access feeds

We will discuss the recommendations regarding appropriate data center property adjacencies

Building Specifications

Identify the typical support spaces of a data center

Identify the architectural parameters for a data center

Provide recommendations regarding a building’s suitability for a data center installation

IT Equipment and Racks

Identify the typical kinds of equipment housed in the data center computer room

Explain how equipment requirements can be translated into space requirements

Discuss the best practices for the storage of IT equipment in racks and cabinets

Computer Room Layout and Design

Identify the components of standard computer room cabling topologies

Explain the hot/cold aisle concept of computer room equipment layout

Describe the basic spacing recommendations regarding standard computer room layout


The 4 major data center infrastructure systems

Data Center Electrical Systems

Identify the typical components of a data center’s electrical system

Estimate computer room power requirements

Describe how electrical system architecture relates to target class reliability rankings

Data Center Cooling

Estimate computer room cooling requirements

Identify the components of a typical computer room cooling system

Describe the relative merits of overhead, under-floor, and liquid rack-oriented cooling architectures

Telecommunications and Cabling

Identify the elements of a typical data center’s information transport system

Communicate the necessary information to access providers to setup telecommunications services

Design a cabling system topology in accordance with BICSI best practices

Automation and Control Systems

Identify the typical systems monitored by data center control operations

Know the basic components of typical data center building automation, monitoring and control systems

Describe how automation, monitoring and control systems relate to Class reliability rankings

Security and Fire Protection

Identify the operational, architectural and electronic components of site security

Draft a data center security plan and a disaster recovery plan

Explain the special requirements of data center and computer room fire protection

Green Data Centers

Identify the benefits associated with green data center design

Identify the metrics used to calculate data center efficiency

Identify steps to increase data center efficiency

Commissioning and Maintenance Planning

Identify the components of a data center commissioning process

Recall and create commissioning reports

Describe how to formulate a maintenance plan





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